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Auto-Donating Monthly To:

Pertubuhan Perlindungan Kucing Dato’ Shamsiah Pekan Pahang




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I cancel or change my monthly donation amount?

A: Yes. Just reply to the receipt email or write to donate [at]
Tulis dalam BM pun takpe.

We will try to manually cancel your auto-donation before the next charge date.


Q: Is my card information safe?

A: Yes. Stripe (used by Grab, among others) handles all your sensitive card info. We do not store any payment data on


Q: When will my card be charged?

Your first auto-donation will be charged immediately. Afterwards, your card will be automatically be charged on the same date every month, indefinitely.

Example: If your first payment was on 15 March, the second payment would be on 15 April, then 15 May, then 15 June, and so on.


Q: What do you need funds for?

A: We need ongoing funds for:

  • medications
  • veterinarian visits
  • neutering/spaying
  • infrastructure & facilities
  • maintenance
  • visitor attraction projects
  • salaries


Q: Can I donate one-off?

Yes, thank you. We prefer direct transfer for one-off donations. Bank details below.

Bank: Maybank

Account Number: 5562 3530 8411

Account Name: Pertubuhan Perlindungan Kucing Dato’ Shamsiah Pekan Pahang


Thank you so much, meow!